I’ve seen the frustration of business owners one too many times to keep quiet any longer! Time and again I am left wondering why business owners are okay with playing the “VA-revolving-door” game. Yes, I stand behind what a lot of coaches are saying that you have to hire slow and fire fast, but I think entrepreneurs have grasped the concept of fire fast, but not the exact meaning of hire slow. Not only does slow mean taking your time, but it also means slowing down and doing the right searches. So what exactly are the right searches?  

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#1 – Personality matters

Skills are one thing, but I believe based on all the clients I have matched with Virtual Assistants that as entrepreneurs we should hire for personality and train for skills. Now don’t get me wrong, you want them to have the skills you need, but I believe wholeheartedly that the most important factor in finding your ideal VA is finding someone with a personality that matches yours. What personality traits are important to you? Can you have an easy conversation with your VA candidate? These are important questions to ask yourself.

#2 – What values are important to you?

We all have values we bring into our business that are important to us. Finding a VA who has similar values to you is going to mean a greater chance of success with the Virtual Assistant. For example, are you a family first or business first type of person? The values that become the forefront of your business are important for your VA to mirror, especially as they represent your business. The easiest way for a VA to mirror your values are if they hold the same values in their own business (and life).

#3 – Compatible working styles

Finding someone who has a compatible working style to yours is an important, yet often overlooked, consideration in your VA search. If you are a workaholic and the ideas pop into your head at a mile a minute you are going to want to find someone that can keep up with you. Perhaps finding someone with a laid-back attitude and who has stringent turnaround times is not going to be your ideal candidate!

#4 – Communication break-down

Communication goes beyond being able to talk and listen (although both important too). One of the things I talk to my clients about is the importance of having a similar communication style. Nothing can eat away at you more than trying to communicate with someone who loves email when you are already bogged down by email. Take the time to ask your VA how they prefer to communicate and how quickly you can expect an answer to voicemail’s and emails. Make sure this matches how you want and need your Virtual Assistant to work.

Keeping these four factors in mind when you do your next VA search together with considering the VAs skill can mean increasing the chances of avoiding that wonderful game of VA-revolving-doors. Of course, taking the time to learn about all these factors will take time out of your day, but is an important thing. For those of you who understand the importance of doing the VA search right the first (and every) time, but who don’t have the time to dedicate to doing the search right, I’m here! Send me a note and let’s talk about how I can help you find your ideal VA and figure out exactly what you are looking for in your own ideal Virtual Assistant!

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